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What to Wear: Christmas Edition

Planning outfits for the entire family, sometimes including a pup or two, is usually the most difficult part of your upcoming family session. We think these families did an awesome job of coordinating but not being too "matchy"! Here are a few tips that will hopefully give you a few ideas and help get you rolling!


We usually tell people to pick a couple of colors and stay within those hues. A lot of people will choose neutrals like ivory or gray and then add bits of color with accessories and layers like a vest or scarf. Some love going with traditional Christmas colors with lots of red and green. Other people will do buffalo plaid with black added in. Chambray and denim are always great choices because it goes with everything. I will say that wearing green to a Christmas tree farm is sometimes tough because you're surrounded by green trees but if it has some print on it, it works out as you can see by Carter's dino print shirt. Jewel tones are always gorgeous so using burgundy, olive and navy together will photograph beautifully!

Prints and Patterns:

They are fine in small amounts but I wouldn't suggest putting everyone in a different print. If one or two people wear plaid, dots, or stripes, then balance it out with some solids. You don't want it to be too busy or distracting.


Layers are AMAZING for adding depth, warmth, and texture! It also sets the scene that it's chilly and blustery out even though it's more than likely 68 degrees. But hey, it's for the photos! Add in a vest, scarf, headband, hat, or a sweater over a button up to add layers. You can always take off the top layer to get a second look in some of your photos, which I think is pretty cool!

Jewelry and Makeup:

Jewelry helps to add visual interest so a long, layered necklace, some cute earrings or a big, chunky watch (not a fitness watch LOL!) could be a great statement piece. If you have something sentimental, definitely wear it! Makeup is tricky because it shows up less in photos so you will want to wear a little more than your day-to-day routine. Good brows and lips help a lot!


A bandana or Christmas/Winter themed collar would be awesome. Or a bow tie! We bought an elf hat for our dog a few years ago and it was great for a few laughs! You can see that Porter and Rocco have on green and red collars/leashes and Bruno has a personalized bandana that matches his people. Piper is trained off leash and while we don't typically recommend it, she can be trusted :} Please bring clean up bags because with all the good smells of other dogs, they almost always go.

The Frazier family: neutrals with bright, Christmas red to pop.

Ivy and the kids had originally planned for a fall mini but we got rained out. I love how their fall outfits turned out though! The tan, rust, green are so good!

The Harris family: burgundy, navy, gray and some tiny plaid. Also, peep the earrings!

The Grealish family: I love how the burgundy and dark green turned out! Even Porter matches with his green collar!

The Kesler family: ivory, gray, navy and burgundy. This is a good example of everyone being different but still "going". No one outright matches but they all go together really well.

Kirston, Tyler, and Bruno: buffalo plaid and black. Classic! Notice his personalized bandana and how her lipstick pops.

The Lawrence family: jewel tones for the win! I love everything about this. Layers with sweaters over plaid button ups. Lace vest with a long necklace. A mix of jeans and khakis. I love it all!

The Colleluori family: I love that they dressed up! Leila and Savannah wore dresses and Tom wore a tie. We don't see it often and I think it turned out so sweet!

The Bowersock family: mustard and gray aren't traditional Christmas colors but it looks great with the green background!

The Pegram family: navy, brown and gray. I love the layers of leggings, sweater that is unzipped and her fuzzy vest.

The McGarry family: the girls are matching in their dresses and Stephanie and Kevin went neutral but with incorporated colors. Their hairbows bring in the navy from their dresses.

The Pinkerman family: neutrals, burgundy and green. Delaney's dress has polka dots so she doesn't blend in with the trees. Yahoo!

The Reid family: red, chambray and navy. It looks awesome together!

The Thompson / Pettus family: different shades of burgundy, gray, and navy with plaid.


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