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  • Kristen

Parker's Birth Story

Kelsey hired me to photograph her Birth Story but when she went into labor, she really went into labor. She and I made it to the hospital minutes apart and before she could text me her room number, she delivered Parker in the bathroom....6 minutes after being admitted! I was in the waiting room and felt absolutely terrible for missing it! I came up and stayed for a couple of hours while they gave Parker some extra help breathing and hanging with Kelsey so Patrick could go to the NICU with Parks and her team. The next day, I went back over to get photos of the rest of the family meeting her for the first time, so it kind of turned into a 24 Hours New Session, which was super sweet. Just look at her big brother and sister making over her!! They are really adorable with her!

I am really thankful for families that allow me/us to be involved in their biggest, most private moments. It truly is an honor to be trusted and invited in. So... please enjoy this mish-mosh Birth Story / 24 Hours New session!


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