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  • Kristen

Sofia's Birth Story

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Cari and Rafael have been amazing clients since we photographed their daughter's birthday last year. They brought Francesca to our Pumpkin Patch and Hot Cocoa stands last fall and Christmas and she did an awesome job! When Cari told us that she was pregnant with their second, we were over the moon for them. A few months later, I was meeting them at the hospital to capture their Birth Story. With Covid and hospital regulations, I haven't been able to photograph Birth Stories lately so this was super exciting!

With both babies, they didn't find out the sex until they were born. I envy people with that much patience! But the surprise was such a neat reveal for their families. Cari had a scheduled c-section (for which I obviously wasn't allowed back) and struggled with sickness after the anesthesia. When I spoke to her a few days later, she said she didn't remember much from the day which made her extra grateful that she would be able to relive it through photos. Rafael showed the brand new baby lots of photos of big sister Francesca, who was anxiously waiting at home, and he was such a proactive and great caretaker while Cari wasn't feeling well. They are such an awesome family and we are thankful that they chose us to be part of this special day!


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