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  • Kristen

Vizcarra Family

Amy and her family are so sweet and beautiful! We appreciate you choosing us to capture your family memories this spring. Thank you so much for including us and sending us your gorgeous Easter card, too!

We ask all of our clients to fill out a questionnaire so we can better get to know them as we go into their session. As I was reading the one that Amy filled out, I thought the way she described her children was so honest and beautiful.

"How would you describe each person's personality? Silas is sensitive, gentle, silly, a pianist and a handsome conversationalist. Vivi is super observant, gentle, more reserved with strangers, acrobatic and beautiful. Lilah is direct, joyful, super talkative, fearless, competitive and beautiful!"

Silly, beautiful, and joyful absolutely comes through during their session and we love that so much!

We popped the drone up for a couple of fun shots!


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