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  • Kristen

Trainque Adoption Day

We've had the pleasure of following this family's foster and adoption journey for the last few years. Zyionna's adoption was finalized last year, shortly after the boys were placed with them. We've gotten to capture a newborn session for Liam, seasonal family minis, and Liam's one year milestone session.... but we never able to share their images publicly. When Ashley and Ben asked us to capture their big day of finally becoming Trainque boys, we were honored. The best part was when the judge let each of the three kids bang the gavel to make the adoption official and I don't think there was a dry eye in the courtroom.

It takes a special family to foster and adopt children and I'm so proud of them all for going through the hard things to give these three kids the best life and chances of success. Zyionna, Jackson, and Liam... you've had rough beginnings but you are in the best hands with a wonderful community behind you. Congratulations, Trainque family (of FIVE)


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